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How was FiLiA?

I have been asked by many “How was FiLiA?”

Women on my social media want a report of what happened.

I did some short videos every morning on my way to the conference but I guess I didn’t say much apart from how excited I was everyday.

I haven’t managed to publish a single note about it and it’s Friday already!

I was just telling a dear friend how I can’t get out of FiLiA universe, planet, bubble you name it…

There is the aftermath of FiLiA yes, because there is the experience of FiLiA and its uniqueness at a physical and emotional level. Because think about it…when and where else do women experience being amongst women exclusively and in such numbers? And with that very particular focus and sisterhood?

Because to me as important as the speakers, the theory and the many workshops and discussions are also the hugs, the kisses, the constant smiles when crossing at corridors, the many tears and the shared effort in making it happen.

And as important as all of that is, for me it is also a sorority exercise to actually reconcile with those women who I might not share views or I even have an antipathy for, because we have FiLiA in common and that to me is more than enough.

The aftermath of FiLiA means going back to the discomfort in which we live on a daily basis as the oppressed sex, and we can only percibe that because of its alternative experienced through just three days.

And this might feel like a frustrating painful paradox but it is not.

During the conference I was interviewed for a documentary about Spanish Radical Feminists and they asked me: “how did radical feminism changed your life”, this was my answer:

“Because if there is something worse than being oppressed it is not even knowing that you are oppressed.”

FiLiA is my three days of awareness over a lifetime of blindness.

For those asking me to tell them about the details, is not about that, it’s about being there and part of it.

So…just come for 2025, meanwhile as Kiri Tunks said: Be More FiLiA!

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