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Birth & Language support

I am a qualified interpreter in healthcare (DPSI, 2022) and I have a B2 in Italian language, although I am a native Spanish I have spent the last 30 years of my life in the U.K. and I have also lived in Italy. I can offer a unique support as an interpreter specialised in obstetric terminology and a trained birth doula (Doula U.K. 2010)

Reflective Listening for Birth Trauma


I have trained with Celia and Sheila Kitzinger on reflective listening applied to birth trauma, and have worked with hundreds of women via email and phone, both midwives and mothers affected by traumatic birth experiences. I offer private sessions where using reflective/active listening the women can understand and begin to process the traumatic event of a pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage or birth, in order to seek professional help and start the healing.


Birth Support (Doula)

I offer virtual and physical (only in Glasgow, Scotland) support tailored to your specific needs during your pregnancy and birth. The support goes from before birth till the early postnatal days. This support is of course also for women whose babies will not survive or haven't survived. I also offer one to one online and physical antenatal classes.


You can also get in touch if you would like me to speak at your event or conference or to organise one to one antenatal sessions or workshops for professionals. 

Due to my extensive knowledge in obstetric violence and birth trauma I train healthcare professionals to understand what is obstetric violence and how to reduce it.


I am a specialist on the representation of childbirth in the movies.

Here you can see my talk in the University of Castellón, Spain in the International Congress about obstetric violence

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