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Mara (Ricoy Olariaga), known in social media as Matriactivista and previously as Jesusa, is a writer, a poet, a birth educator, a medical interpreter and a feminist activist. 

She has spent many years researching, writing and campaigning against obstetric violence, and therefore she is considered a specialist in the field. 

She has published three books on birth and feminism and also a poetic feminist autobiography.

Mara is also proud to be a volunteer at FiLiA.


Mara is a woman in constant search and with a curious mind. She loves writing and communicating and she has facilitated classes about pregnancy for both parents and professionals for well over a decade freelancing and while working for the NCT


In 2011 she founded a global movement against obstetric violence called The Roses Revolution, which eventually became present in 30 countries. And recently part of an international exhibition about birth. 


And since she is, unfortunately like many women, a survivor of sexual abuse she has spoken openly to the press trying to fight such violence. 


She discovered her interpreting vocation while spontaneously interpreting her idol Sheila Kitzinger in Spain in 2010 during a Spanish conference, and decided to finally trained profesional during the pandemic period. 

She is always doing or learning something and she would love to live a 100 lives for everything she finds interesting and would like to do.


She is currently based in Glasgow with her family and her dog, while missing terribly London after living there for over 25 years, and visiting her native Spain when she gets a chance.

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